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The wonders of white truffle

13 Jun 2018
by Y. Lu

Hi Wonderlanders,

Our team has recently been thinking that it might be of use to our customers if we blog about ingredients that compose k-beauty products. We expect that our blogs will help you to gain valuable knowledge about the ingredients, which will enhance your understanding of skincare in general.

Today we are going to talk about the white truffle ingredient in skincare products. You might have noticed that in the past few years this ingredient has gained a vast popularity among skincare producers. Why? We will explain in this blog post ;)

First, let’s have a look at history: why are truffles so expensive in the first place?

White truffle is mostly found in Piedmont region on the North of Italy. In Italian, white truffle is called ‘trifola d'Alba Madonna’ (from this name you might recognize the name of one of the brands we added to our range recently) These truffles are also called ‘diamonds in the ground’. The white kind is the rarest in the world, and costs a fortune to buy if sold in a primary condition. It is almost impossible to cultivate white truffles deliberately, as opposed to black truffles, which makes them even more precious. Hunters for white truffles spend a long time looking for the treasure with the help of dogs or pigs that are trained to sniff them out.

What makes white truffle so great for the skin ?

White truffle serves as an anti-inflammatory and anti-aging agent in skincare products. This ingredient contains a special enzyme called “Superoxide Dismutase” which helps to repair damaged skin, while preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles at the same time. This is why this ingredient is considered a ‘super food’ for skin. It is also filled with numerous minerals and vitamins. For instance, it is rich with Vitamin C, which makes white truffle a powerful brightening ingredient. It also contains Vitamin B12, which is useful to help dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

White truffle skincare helps your skin to regain a healthier complexion. Vitamin B6 brightens and aids skin, repairing dry, itchy, and irritated patches. The essential fatty acids stimulate deep cell repairation which will help your skin to further rebuild. These are just some of the reasons white truffle can be found in the best anti-aging products.

Products with White Truffle to try out:

Neogen Serum In Oil Drop White Truffle contains White truffle oil and 3 different types of Hyaluronic Acid to work wonders on stressed skin with uneven tone. White Truffle is rich in Vitamin B to repair and revitalize fatigued skin, while Hyaluronic Acid provides intense hydration and enhances skin's protective barrier from environmental damage. Leaves the skin hydrated, smooth, and radiant without leaving a sticky residue.

Neogen Laycure Oil Stick White Truffle has a convenient packaging that allows an easy, mess-free application. Skin feels hydrated, smooth and looks radiant after the use.

Neogen White Truffle Hydramax Knit Mask is a sheet mask that has a powerful moisturizing and nourishing effect that delivers the ultimate benefits from white truffles for a healthy radiant look. Perfect for those days you need the extra moisture!

Neogen White Truffle Laycure Oil Balm Pack is a special kit containing White Truffle Laycure Oil Balm Pact and White Truffle Serum in Oil Drop. The pack is useful for skin nutrition, protection of moisture level and brightening. Contains other powerful active ingredients such as Ceramide, Olive Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil, Avocado Oil and Chamomile Flower Oil.

d’Alba White truffle Mist Serum is the perfect mist to use during the summer time to keep skin hydrated without a greasy feeling. It will also provide a dewy finish.

d’Alba Ampoule Balm White Truffle Eco Moisturizing Cream is made of 95% natural ingredients which make it safe to use for children and pregnant women. This mild product provides an intensive hydration to you skin for a visibly healthier look.

d’Alba Ampoule Balm White Truffle Whitening Cream contains diamant powder which helps in brightening the skin and tackling skin pigmentation problems that are caused by sun exposure, pregnancy or acne.

d’Alba Ampoule Balm White Truffle Anti Wrinkle Cream has the most advanced anti-wrinkle ingredients that increase collagen production to plump up and tighten sagging skin.

d’Alba Peptide No-Sebum Mild Gel Cleanser is perfect for those with oily skin that hasn’t used anti-aging products before being concerned they would cause breakouts. This cleanser effectively yet gently removes impurities and dead skin cells, and help to maintain an optimal pH balance.

d’Alba Peptide No-Sebum Balancing Toner is a hypoallergenic BHA+ peptide complex that helps to reduce sebum production, improving skin cells turnover cycle and preventing problems created by waste accumulation.

d’Alba Peptide No-Sebum Repair Cream contains calamine powder that is effective for skin soothing, sebum control and nutrition. Highly concentrated antioxidant ingredients eliminate unnecessary oil, providing light anti-aging care.

d’Alba Waterfull Essence Sun Cream has a light, watery texture that absorbs easily without leaving a sticky layer. The product contains hydrating and calming ingredients such as Niancinamide and Centella Asiatica extract.

d’Alba 7:33 Back To Days Clean Balm is an all-in-one cleanser that gently removes makeup and impurities from your skin. Contains Black Rice extract and 23% Olive Oil that cleans up pores and blackheads. Its uniquely shaped applicator minimises the surface of appilication, keeping it hygienic and clean.

We hope you had a fun time reading this blog and I’ll see you next week!

xxx Team LW

sandra cerantonio
1 Sep 2021
how is the truffle compound put into the skincare?
Ann-Margret Stigholt
25 Jun 2018
Låter som ett mycket intressant märke !! Tryffel symboliserar alltid något gott (oftast väldigt Dyrt !!) mestadels i finare Restaurangmat ---- Har stor tro på att tryffel kan göra mycket bra i Hudvård, för flera olika tillstånd.
Har köpt en produkt och tänker definitivt köpa MER av d`Albas serie (för min del antiaging mest)
d´Alba är ett märke jag tidigare aldrig tidigare hört talas om (???) Meen.....som verkligen ger Mersmak
och som jag vill veta och lära Mer om .
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