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Nail Polish

Nail polish enables you to achieve beautifully colored nails.

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Nail Polish

Many people aspire to have soft, beautiful hands. Little Wonderland has a broad range of hand care that has the highest quality. But there's more, because we also offer many kinds of nail polish to decorate your nails. 

The best nail polish

We have beautiful colors and finishes for every occasion. Whether you want your nails to sparkle with a vivid color, are into pastels or are more of a nude nail type. You'll always find the right shade to complement your unique personality, outfit and style. There's a lot to choose from! Basic nail polish for trendy daily looks or glittery finishes for a night out. If you're done with your current color or you're ready for something new, remove your nail polish with some nail polish remover. You can choose between nail polish with and without aceton. If your skin is sensitive and dry, it's recommended to use nail polish remover that doesn't contain aceton, because it can be a little bit harsh for your skin and your nails. 

Quick drying nail polish

Does this sound familiar? After polishing your nails, it takes ages for the polish to dry. Hours later, the polish is still vulnerable and prone to dents and scratches, ruining your hard work and making your nails look less than perfect. Are you done with not being able to use your hands for a long time after polishing your nails? Choose a quick drying nail polish. Quick drying nail polish enables you to use your hands mere moments after polishing your nails. 

Buy nail polish at Little Wonderland

No one wants their nails to be brittle and weak. It doesn't look nice and it makes applying nail polish a lot harder. Nail hardener or nail serums are a solution for brittle nails. They contain ingredients that make your nails strong and healthy. Your nails will look a lot more radiant and they will not chip as easily. If you want to enjoy your nail polish for longer periods of time, apply a layer of top coat onto the colored layer of polish. This will make your nail polish last a lot longer.

At Little Wonderland you will find all the beauty accessories you need, including different types of nail polish. This way you'll find the perfect product to suit your needs. All our nail polishes are from the best Korean brands and therefore they have great quality! We offer all the top Korean beauty brands including Neogen, Holika Holika and iUNIK. Buying Korean skincare at Little Wonderland has more advantages. We offer free shipping on orders from € 50,- and you receive free samples with every order. Pay securely with iDeal or one of our other payment methods and receive free Wonder Points, with which you can save for great discounts on your favorite Korean skincare products.