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Littlewonderland was founded by Yin, a law student back in 2016.
’It all started with my problematic skin.  Starting from my teenage years until my early twenties I suffered from cystic acne and redness. On top of that, I also have very sensitive skin. Not many products in the European beauty market were mild enough to not upset my skin, but still have a beneficial effect on my acne.  So I had a look at the Asian beauty markets. Since skincare is so big in Asia, I reckoned they must have something that would suit my skin. And they did. I couldn’t believe the range of products they had to offer. The products were very effective, yet mild enough for my sensitive skin. I was amazed at how the Asian beauty industry incorporates skincare into their cosmetics and all the innovative ideas they come up with (think about how bb creams started in Asia, or cushion foundations). But Asian cosmetic brands were so hard to get your hands on in Europe. The shipping fees, the shipping time, the taxes. I wanted an easier way to get my hands on these products. So I decided to be the change I wanted to see in the world and start an Asian cosmetics web store myself. I wanted to make Korean and Japanese beauty products readily available in Europe, so others like me could enjoy these wonderful products.’’

Since day one our goal has been to share amazing products with others. While the Asian beauty market is getting more and more recognition in the West, many are still unfamiliar with it. Our mission is to provide outstanding Asian cosmetics in the easiest way possible to beauty junkies, while trying to open a new world of beauty to the unfamiliar.




Business visit in South Korea.




Order readied to be shipped to our warehouse.
This happens every 1 or 2 weeks so that our products stays fresh.




Products are labeled to meet the NVWA requirements




We have our own warehouse in Arnhem. Arnhem is the capital city of Gelderland, which is the biggest province of The Netherlands. Every order will be shipped directly from this warehouse to whole Europe.