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Little Wonderland’s mission

We believe high quality skincare should be for everyone, regardless of your age and gender. Effective skincare shouldn’t be for a select few but should be widely available. With the right products, a solid routine and a sprinkle of patience virtually everyone can get glowing, healthy skin. We don’t emphasize perfection but progression; perfect skin doesn’t exist, but seeing improvement in the way your skin looks and feels is very real!

It can be challenging to find the right products. A common example is people with acne-prone skin, who turn to harsh products in the hopes of clearing their skin. Instead of maintaining a healthy moisture barrier, this causes the skin to get dehydrated and irritated and more prone to break-outs. We want to empower our customers to learn about the basics of skincare, keeping their skin healthy and creating a fun and effective routine that they love using daily.


Yin’s journey

“I started suffering from cystic acne in high school. Not only was my skin very oily, it felt very sensitive too. My skincare journey didn’t get off to a good start; I tried anti-acne products from the drugstore, but they irritated and dried out my skin. My skin got oilier and my acne persisted. I was desperate to heal my skin and cure my acne, so I tried expensive Western skincare and even visited a dermatologist. Nothing really worked. Then Korean skincare came onto my path.

A new world opened up for me. K-beauty offered products that treated acne while still being mild and soothing for my sensitive skin. K-beauty became my new fascination and I absorbed as much skincare knowledge as I could! My passion for K-beauty was the main reason I created Little Wonderland, a place where everyone can access great (Korean) skincare. I want everyone to experience the confidence boost that great skincare can give.

Before I launched Little Wonderland, getting your hands on Korean skincare in Europe was difficult. The West can still learn a lot from the Asian culture when it comes to skincare awareness. Luckily a change is becoming visible, with more and more people discovering the benefits of a great routine. But we are not there yet. I created Little Wonderland because I want to spread knowledge and offer guidance so people can make the best choices for their skin’s health.”




Invest in yourself

Your skin is your largest organ! The result is that skin problems can have a massive impact on your health and happiness. We believe that preventing skin issues is always better than to cure. So instead of waiting for skin issues to develop, prevent them with the right care. Your skin will thank you for it, and will stay healthy and radiant for as long as possible.


Experts in choice

Everybody is different, so adapting your products to your unique needs is important for your skin. Our large and versatile selection - including numerous and less-known brands - enables you to discover your personal 'holy grail’. We currently have the biggest choice of K-beauty brands in Europe and plan to add the best Western skincare brands to our store in the future. Little Wonderland doesn’t just offer hyped products, because skincare isn’t a hype - we offer choice.

We love skincare and pride ourselves in being specialists in this field. Our passionate customer service is made up of estheticians and professionals who are on top of the latest developments in the ever changing world of skincare. Whether you want to avoid certain ingredients or want us to create a personalized routine; our team is always more than happy to help you.



Skin positivity

Do you ever stop to wonder how awesome your skin is? It keeps you warm, it keeps germs at bay, it protects you… The beauty industry often confronts us with unrealistic and heavily edited images of flawless skin. We believe everyone should embrace the beauty of the skin they are given - regardless of their skin type and condition.

Topics like acne and aging should always be approached in a supportive, positive and encouraging manner. Perfect skin simply does not exist! We at Little Wonderland are determined to replace shame with love and raise awareness about skin diversity. So please: Let your natural skin shine!


Community (Klassroom)

We created the LW Beauty Community, a place where everyone can share their skincare journey. Consider it a safe space to discuss personal skincare matters and learn from each other’s experiences, whether you want to highlight a holy grail product, share some words of wisdom or show us a hilarious skincare meme. The group doesn't serve any commercial purpose, but we want to stimulate a community where everyone can connect, chat and grow together.

We value accessibility and care about your opinion. We try to listen closely, so our LW Blog and our social media channels reflect our customer’s needs. Our communication with you should always be open, consistent and honest. Everybody is welcome!


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