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iUNIK: Natural and cruelty-free skincare

7 Aug 2023
by Marta N.



iUNIK: Where Nature and science meet

At iUNIK, the heartbeat of their philosophy lies in the seamless co-existence of human beings, businesses, and nature. With a global vision, they've set out on a mission to help anyone achieve a healthy skin with minimalistic, ethical care. iUNIK has embraced minimalism, focusing on crafting honest skincare products that are scientifically proven effective, full of natural ingredients, and beam with genuine love for our skin.

iUNIK is a Peta certified cruelty-free brand which understands the healing power that natural ingredients can have for our skin. They focus their powers on creating cruelty-free skincare that helps the skin’s natural healing functions. No chemicals, no fuss, just honest ingredients, which is why Little Wonderland has been in love with the brand since its launch back in 2016.

What is natural, cruelty-free skincare? You will often find natural skincare to be plant based and formulated with ingredients derived from fruits, flowers, herbs. Natural, scientifically backed, skincare has the same benefits as its more synthetic alternatives, however it will generally be softer on the skin, and exclude the harmful impact on animals and the environment. Certified cruelty-free skincare means that the full production process of the product excludes any testing on or harming of animals.

Minimalism: Beauty in Simplicity

In a world of excessive choice and an overwhelming amount of skincare promises, iUNIK offers a breath of fresh air with their minimalist skincare approach. They believe in the essence of simplicity, where natural ingredients take center stage to empower you and your skin. You won't find unnecessary gimmicks or inflated claims, as the brand stands by its promise of transparency. Instead, they let the results speak for themselves, creating a skincare experience that is authentic and effective. 

The brand embraces everyone, and promotes an ethical and natural way of skincare. Whether you're a skincare novice or a seasoned expert, iUNIK's products offer a universal language of nourishment and care, with products for every complexion and skin type. Bonus points for anyone that loves minimalistic and natural skincare: Loads of iUNIK’s products are also certified vegan!

iUNIK Favorites at Little Wonderland

For anyone who likes straightforward, simple skincare with minimal fuss and no unnecessary chemicals, iUNIK is the perfect choice. The brand has grown their collection since their launch, starting off with toners, serums, a cream and a peeling to a full collection of skincare tackling major skin needs. Scroll on to find new iUNIK favorites and staples that have been in our bathroom cabinet since the launch.

iUNIK Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum - Nourishing・Brightening・Anti-inflammatory.
This serum has been in our favorites since the launch. It’s soothing and nourishing for the skin with 70% Propolis extract and has a brightening effect because of the 12% Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit extract.

iUNIK Centella Calming Gel Cream - Soothing・Anti-inflammatory・Refreshing.
This has become a cult-favorite among the Little Wonderland team, and among the LW community. It’s a lightweight soothing gel cream infused with 72% Centella Asiatica and 10% Tea Tree water that screams zen whenever applied to the skin.

iUNIK Black Snail Restore Cream - Repairing・Nourishing・Anti-aging.
In our opinion this is a must-have for skin repair. Whether you're a fan of retinol products or are searching for a great anti-aging cream, this is our go-to for helping our skin with recovery and strength.

Are you also a long-time fan of iUNIK or have you recently discovered the brand? Let us know what you think of their products! Fortunately, many Korean brands have embraced cruelty-free skincare so we've also put together a routine with cruelty-free products online, check out the blog on Cruelty free glass skin routine.

Check out iUNIK and many other brands such as Klairs, Purito, and Jumiso in the vegan skincare assortment.

22 Jan 2020
Am from puerto rico. I have acne problems. How can i buy your product
16 Aug 2018
I would like to know how to put an order in for a toner. I’m in the US
Yin & Yib
31 Jul 2018
Hi Leila,

We have sended you an email :)
Lelia magno
31 Jul 2018
I want to try your products is it good for my skin? I am 67 years old, what kind of tone, cleansing and moisturizer can I use. Thank you
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