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Also as fascinated by the Korean Beauty as we are?
Are you eager to learn? And can you meet the challenges that are even new to us?
Do you dream a job at the best K-Beauty store? And in the Netherlands?


Little Wonderland is a small but very fast growing beauty company. The company was founded in 2016, started with a small plastic chest of drawers, which has now grown to 244m² (!) Of business space. Because of the continuous growth we can no longer handle the number of activities within Little Wonderland, so we are looking for a K-beauty fan who will join our team.



 Profession Task Job type
 e-Commerce Assistent Online marketing, maintain our site* Full time
 German translator Translate our site to German* Part time

*For more information, please mail to: info(at)littlewonderland.nl


We are always looking for talents, are you really indispensable for our team?
Do you have the ambition to bring Little Wonderland to the next level with us?
Send us an email: info(at)littlewonderland.nl