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A new loyalty program is coming to LW!

23 Dec 2022
by Marta N.

A new loyalty program is coming to LW!:sparkles:

2023 is promising to be a spectacular year at Little Wonderland, with a whole new loyalty system launching in the new year. Get excited because Wonderpoints 2.0 is coming!! :sparkles:Our new loyalty program is all about you, our customers! With an array of new features and rewards to make your shopping experience even better. We are keeping the new features a secret for just a little while longer…:shushing_face:

Hint: Wonderpoints 2.0 is embracing everyone’s unique personality and preferences :eyes:Tiers
That’s not all. Your Wonderpoints will now be linked to tiers. This means that based on the number of points you have collected you can reach different tier levels, and a higher tier level equals more exclusive benefits :nail_care:When can I expect all the new features?
Our Wonderpoints 2.0 system is currently in its beta phase, meaning that we are still testing and improving it to make sure everything is working properly. After that, you can expect to see a roll-out of features and updates. We want to provide our LW customers with the best experience possible so please be patient :two_hearts:

What about all my current Wonderpoints?
No need to worry because your current points will be automatically imported into the Wonderpoints 2.0 system. If you have any questions about the loyalty system you can send a message to Customer Support or send an email through our Wonderpoints 2.0 widget. Let’s toast together to all the great things to come in 2023! :clinking_glasses:

Love, the LW team

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