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The story of Cremorlab starts with a very special kind of water: T.E.N. water, a natural thermal water with a reddish glow obtained from a source deep in the mountains of Taebaek, 1,100 meters beneath the surface. T.E.N. stands for ‘Thermal water, Eco energy and Natural richness’. Cremorlab creates skin care using this special water.

Face Fresh Water Gel

T.E.N.-water is naturally rich in minerals. Besides essential minerals, copper, zinc, magnesium and calcium, it also contains the rare minerals selenium and vanadium, that have antioxidant properties that are two thousand times stronger than that of vitamin E. It is excellent for calming the irritated skin and for repairing damage done to the skin.

The Skin Renewal toner by Cremorlab has a rich, essence-like texture to let the hydrating ingredients penetrate deep into the skin. The Cremor for Face Fresh Water Gel is a lightweight gel-cream with intensely hydrating properties, with additional rose oil to calm the skin. 

Cremorlab at Little Wonderland

Are you ready to enrich your skin care routine with the thermal wonder water by Cremorlab? Order before 20:00 on weekdays, and we’ll send your package your way that same day! If your order exceeds 40 euros, we’ll throw in a free sheet mask, especially for you!