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Wonder Points (or WPs) is our way of showing gratitude to loyal customers who support Little Wonderland on the way to an even better place to shop for Asian cosmetic products. We hear countless success stories from our customers against individual skin problems and we believe that the daily skin care routine improves their overall well-being and confidence. That is why we want to reward your efforts and support you in finding your own skin care routine. We hope you enjoy your Wonder Points! :)

(updated: 19 oct 2019)

How does this work?

It's very simple, for every € you spend, you will receive 1 Wonder Point. With this point you can exchange it  for discount voucher and gifts.
Sometime we give special offers like double WP events, make sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated.




At LW there are rooms with full of surprises.
How to enter those rooms depends on what Key you have. The rare the key is, the more surprises you get.
The 4 types of keys are Bronze Key, Silver Key, Gold Key and Diamond Key.


So how do I get the key?

If you meet all the requirements, you will automatically receive the key in your (e-)mailbox.
Which key you receive depend on your loyalty and how much you've spend on LW.


What are the benefits of each key?

Each Key has difference surprises, the rare the key is the more surprises.
It could be exclusive discounts, free products, early access to big sales, testing newest products before available on LW store and so on.
The surprises are changing ever now and then, but there are fixed benefits to each keys. See below the differences and how to get them.


Bronze KeySilver Key
Start hereTotal spend of €200+ within a year
€1 = 1 Wonder Point€1 = 1.2 Wonder Point
Gold KeyDiamond Key
Total spend of €400+ within a yearTotal spend of €900+ within a year
€1 =1.5 Wonder Point€1 = 2 Wonder Points


When does it start?

It start the moment you register your account at our shop.
Every year on January, our system will reset and therefore restart everything.



Your Wonder Points are worth some money.
Once you have earned enough Wonder Points, you can redeem it for various free gifts.


How do I redeem my Wonder Points?

You can head over to the Wonder Point menu by clicking on the pink button 'Wonder Points' at the bottom left of our site.

Step 1. Make sure you are logged in, then click the 'Wonder Point' button on the bottom left of our site. Step 2. A window will pop-up. Now click on the 'Redemption Catalog' Step 3. Chose your Gift and confirm it by click on the 'Ok, Please Proceed' button
Step 4. Congratulation, you just got the discount code. Click on the code to copy it. Step 5a. Past the discount code you just copied from step4 on the 'Discount code' field and click Apply. That is it. Step 5b. If you chose a free product, you will have to add the product to the shopping cart first. After that, past the discount code you just received and click on apply. The product will be free of charge.



Still have question? Please contact our service anytime.


Known issue:

19 oct: Round up, a bug has been reported that the point didn't round up. When a product is worth 9,95, customer will receive 9 wonder points.