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The skin beyond the chin: Caring for your hands, feet, and body

25 Mar 2022
by Horia

When we think of skincare, we mostly tend to think about our faces. You have skin all over your body but most of us put the time and money into our facial skin. And for good reason, our face does require care and attention, since it is the most exposed skin. But out of all areas of the skin, the hands and feet are the most hardworking and endure the most. In skincare and body care they are viewed as low priority; the body as a whole tends to be more neglected than the face.

Let’s take a moment to reflect. What are the tasks your hands do for you? What about your feet? How many things does your skin come to contact with and how much does it endure daily?

Beyond the face
Out of all body parts we use our hands and feet in a variety of ways. Our hands especially experience a lot. Our hands help us with tasks constantly and are being washed several times throughout the day. Alongside the face, they are the most exposed skin on the body. Aside from the functional tasks, the hands are important in communicating and connecting with people. Touch is an important way for us to express affection.

Our feet are always in contact with the floor, carry our whole body weight, keep us balanced, and take us everywhere. They’re confined in socks, shoes or other footwear for protection but also for fashion. We tend to forget how hard our feet work and how tired they get. When was the last time you took a good look at your feet and checked their health and how they look?

We’re not just face, hands and feet of course. The skin is the largest organ of our body. There are four limbs, a neck, and a whole torso to cover and protect. All of them require care as we get older and our skin ages with us. 

Our skin does not end at our chins, so why should our skincare?

A little bit about our skin
The skin produces lipids. These lipids form a layer on top of the skin to protect it and to trap moisture inside its layers. The skin’s flexibility largely depends on the amount of water in it. A good balance in lipids and water in the skin is crucial for its health and functioning. 


When the skin dries out it loses its protective oil layer. As a result it won’t be able to hold moisture and become dehydrated. The skin will lose its flexibility which in turn results in cracks. These cracks and the lack of a protective lipid layer are signs of a broken barrier which can be infiltrated. This makes way for infections and other skin problems. 

Dryness is caused by ageing, the weather, the climate, environmental factors, and life style. And ofcourse, increased hand washing due to the pandemic.

Pamper and appreciate

Let’s give our skin a little love and appreciation, shall we? Especially since it’s at its driest in the Winter months.

The crucial steps of skincare are: cleansing, nourishing, and protecting. This applies to rest of the body as much as it applies to the face. The skin type your face identifies with, applies to your entire body. Skin problem tendencies also affect the skin on the rest of the body. Makes choosing products to try out easier, doesn’t it?

Here are some of the LW team’s favourites categorised by phase. 


Cleansing is the act of removing dirt from the skin and products that have been applied to it.

TOUN28 has a collection of ‘soap’ bars for the hair, face and body. This form of solid cosmetics is known to produce less waste and sometimes last longer. Toun28’s bars are child friendly, have low pH levels, are free of surfactants and made with edible ingredients. Their collection has a variety of active ingredients and scents for different purposes, skin types and concerns. Though they do recommend you to use the soap bars for the designated purposes and body parts, it is possible to use a facial bar for the face and the body.

Tip: TOUN28 is known for their solid cosmetics and low waste cosmetics. They’re cruelty free and mostly vegan. Want to know more about solid cosmetics and how to make them last longer? Check our blog!



The COSRX AC Calming Solution Body Cleanser is a water-based gel cleanser for the body with exfoliating properties. It’s formulated with vitamin B5 (panthenol), BHA (salicylic acid), and has a low pH level. This makes this cleanser suitable for acne prone and sensitive skin. While panthenol attracts and holds the moisture, salicylic acid gently exfoliates, prevents pore clogging, and treats inflammation.

- Nourishing

Nourishing is the second phase of the routine. This is the phase where we pamper the skin with e.g. moisturisers and masks. 




First we have an all over body lotion. The Pyunkang Yul ATO Lotion Blue Label can be used by the whole family, even babies, from face to toe. The honeysuckle flower extract and glycerin in this lotion make it very suitable for dry, easily irritated, and sensitive skin. It has anti-inflammatory, skin-soothing, antioxidant, hydrating, and barrier strengthening properties.


This next product is actually a hand cream. But the benefits of its intensely nourishing properties can be extended to the feet as well. TOUN28’s Hand Cream for Working Hands H2 is a light weight cream which is easily absorbed. It’s fragrance-free and formulated with 63.8% organic centella water, tomato extract, and vitamin E. It relieves, soothes and moisturises the skin, while encouraging the healing process.


South Korea’s beauty industry is popular for its innovative products. Hand packs and foot packs are examples of this. The Holika Holika Baby Silky Foot Mask Sheet is a pair of sock shaped sheet masks to put on your feet and let them soak in the beneficial ingredients. Enriched with peppermint extract, avocado oil, urea, and shea butter, this mask provides the skin of your feet long lasting hydration


- Protecting

The final phase of the skincare routine is protecting. UV-radiation causes damage to the skin in several ways. To protect against this damage it’s crucial to wear SPF (Sun Protection Factor) daily as the last step in your routine.


The ISEHAN - Kiss me Mommy UV Mild Gel SPF 33 PA +++ is a broad spectrum sunscreen product. It is a gel cream for daily use and easy to wash off. Its mild properties make it suitable for children and individuals with sensitive skin. The cream is formulated with hyaluronic acid and raspberry extract to promote hydration, restoration and fighting inflammation.

Just like your face, the skin on the rest of your body needs care and attention. Your hands and feet are especially hard working. We hope that our favourites can help you pamper and love your skin some more from head to toe.

What is your go-to head to toe pampering product?

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