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(Re)build your Skincare Routine: Treatment & Mask

8 Oct 2023
by Marta N.

The (Re)build your Skincare Routine journey is all about guiding you through the steps of creating a customized skincare routine that’s one with the seasons and your skin. Each month we will highlight what products you can either add or swap in your current routine, making it more winter-proof with each step.

October just started which means we’re continuing our journey to get your skincare routine ready for the winter months! September was all about adding lightweight enrichment to the routine through an essence and a mist. Missed the September recommendations? Check them out here.

During October the weather is turning and autumn has officially graced us with her presence. Your skin will now be especially prone to dehydration and inflammation. That’s why this month is important to focus on your personal skin concerns, while thoroughly recovering from any sun damage, through a treatment and a mask. We want to build and strengthen our skin’s barrier while tackling any issues that our skin might be facing during the transition into the rainy season. 

What are the best ingredients to add to my skincare routine in the fall?

The fall season is also the perfect time to give your skin some extra care to recover from the sun damage of the summer. No matter your skin type, it’s smart to be on the lookout for ingredients like ceramides, panthenol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide. 

  • Vitamin C: You probably know vitamin C as something to boost your immune system during cold and flu season, but it's also great for your skin in the fall. Vitamin C serums can help with skin issues like rosacea, melasma, fine lines, and acne. It's a powerful antioxidant plus, it can even out your skin tone and help with dark spots. It also provides some extra protection from the sun, which is still a concern in the fall.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: This is a hydrating superhero for your skin. It not only keeps your skin moist but also plumps it up, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apply some mist beforehand so your skin is still damp when applying the hyaluronic acid, this delivers the best results!
  • Panthenol: Another hydrating champ, panthenol is a humectant which helps your skin to hold on to moisture while preventing moisture loss, making the skin smooth and happy. It’s also a great barrier strengthener and works to relieve irritation.
  • Niacinamide: Another great multitasker like vitamin C. Niacinamide is useful for preventing acne and eczema, treating hyperpigmentation, calming and soothing the skin, and protecting the skin barrier. Perfect for when the weather gets harsh and your skin needs some extra love.
  • Ceramides: Think of ceramides as the defenders of your skin barrier. They keep your skin cells together, preventing water loss and protecting your skin from harsh fall and winter weather. Strengthening your skin barrier is crucial, especially when the weather gets tough.

What is the difference between serums and ampoules?

A treatment is an umbrella term for a serum, ampoule and spot treatment. What all treatments have in common is that they are powerful, concentrated formulas that tackle specific skin concerns. This is also why we love and recommend anyone to add a treatment into their routine, they are perfect to mix and match to your skin type and concerns! 

Serums are typically thinner in consistency and designed to penetrate deep into your skin. They're loaded with active ingredients, each aimed at addressing a specific concern. Whether it's brightening, hydrating, fighting off fine lines or acne, there's a serum for everyone. 

Ampoules, on the other hand, are even more concentrated than serums. They come in smaller bottles, packed with an intense dose of goodness. Ampoules are like a shot of espresso for your skin. They're perfect for targeting stubborn problems or giving your skin a revitalizing boost when it needs it most.

Spot Treatments are the go-to products when you have specific trouble spots, like pimples or stubborn blemishes, that need some targeted attention. They usually come in the form of a gel or cream spot treatment that you apply directly to the blemish or pimple patches to seal off the troubled area for targeted care.

Treatments and masks for every skin concern

Last month we created recommendations based on your skin types. This month however we will focus more on skin concerns and corresponding treatments and masks. While lots of treatments and masks are suitable for multiple skin types, if you’re unsure whether your choice will suit your skin feel free to start a chat with one of our skincare specialists. 


Look for a serum enriched with multiple moisture replenishing ingredients, like the Mixsoon Master Serum or the Purito Deep Sea Droplet Serum. The Mixsoon serum is enriched with hyaluronic acid and panthenol and will hydrate, calm and strengthen the skin. The Purito serum on the other hand has a more unique set of ingredients such as deep sea water and snow mushroom to help your skin hold on to moisture while also stimulating collagen production through the addition of peptides. 

Our choice for a great mask to tackle dehydration is the iUNIK Propolis Vitamin Sleeping Mask. Apply right before bed and let the mask do its magic while you sleep. It’s full of nourishing and hydrating ingredients that will leave your skin plump and dewy in the morning. 


For any skin irritation, mild care is always the way to go as to not further irritate the skin. Whether your skin is already irritated, you suffer from eczema and have to always be mindful of what you put on your skin, or whether you simply want to use mild products. The Purito Centella Unscented Serum is a great choice for anyone that easily gets irritated skin. It’s full of multitasking ingredients that will not only calm the skin but also strengthen it. 

The Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule is an amazing, minimal ampoule formula that is also an eczema safe option and focuses on intensely soothing care. Add the Pyunkang Yul Calming Mask and enjoy a fully calm skin, no more redness and no irritation.

Brightening care

Whether you want to even out your overall skin tone or have some dark spots, a vitamin C serum is a must-have in any routine. The Some By Mi Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Serum is a great choice for those who would like to start adding a vitamin C treatment into their routine. In addition to vit. C it’s also infused with galactomyces ferment which works strengthening on the skin.

Not every skin can handle vitamin C so for a serum that is vitamin C free but does an amazing brightening job as well check out the Beauty of Joseon Glow Deep Serum Rice + Arbutin. Another Some By Mi favorite is the Yuja Niacin Brightening Sleeping Mask. Infused with 70% Goheung Yuja-extract to intensely hydrate the skin while evening out skin tone. See you skin transform overnight!

Anti-aging care

Not sure where to start with adding anti-aging care into your routine, well treatments are actually an amazing way to start, no matter your age. If you’re new to anti-aging care and would like a multi-tasking serum that tackles several skin concerns, then definitely reach for the HYGGEE Natural Repair Serum. Full of natural ingredients, the serum fights wrinkles, brightens the skin, and improves elasticity. 

For a more intense anti-aging treatment, especially for those who are familiar with anti-aging care, reach for the Benton Bakuchiol Serum. It’s also a great alternative for people that can’t or don’t want to use retinol, since it has a similar effect without the higher chance of irritation. Finish the routine with the Soybean Nourishing Mask from Round Lab and enjoy a smooth and nourished skin. 

Acne & Blackheads

One struggle of those with pimples or acne is actually not touching the already inflamed area. It’s good that there are so many spot treatments available, whether you just have a single pimple or a larger area on the skin which is affected. Our go to are the COSRX Master Patch Intensive, which are infused with salicylic acid to target the troubled are. So the patches work to minimize the pimple and prevent you from touching the pimple. Another great spot solution is the iUNIK Centella Calming AC Spot Cream which has a light gel texture and is infused with calming and acne-fighting ingredients.

The Purito Clear Code Superfruit Serum is a great treatment that not only fights acne and blackheads but also balances sebum production. It’s especially amazing for those with oily and acne-prone skin. For a full purifying effect also add the Barulab The Clean Vegan AHA/BHA Mask into your routine. Use this mask up to three times per week based on your skin type to exfoliate the skin, get rid of blocked pores and blackheads.

Consistency is key, and with the right treatments and masks, you'll be well on your way to achieving your skincare goals. Your skin deserves the care and attention it needs! Stay tuned for the next steps in your routine next month, which will have your skin ready for the winter.

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