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Is it possible to shrink pores?

21 Apr 2021
by LW Editoral

Enlarged pores on your nose

For the most part, the skin on your face is quite clear. But your nose is home to many enlarged pores and blackheads. Does this sound familiar? It's actually really common, because the skin of the nose has more sebaceous glands compared with other parts of your skin. This doesn't mean that there's no way to treat enlarged pores. But there are soms things you should probably know first.

Shrinking pores?

We hate to break it to you, but.. you can't shrink pores. Sad face. A pore is a pore (#deep) and you can't magically shrink them. You shouldn't want to, because you need your pores. Is your 'pore shrinking' toner of serum useless? Well, no: it's probably making your pores less prominent. Curious about why you can't turn a big pore into a tiny pore? There are three factors that contribute to prominent-looking pores.

  • You are genetically predisposed. Look at your mom, dad or other family members to see what their skin is like.
  • You produce a lot of sebum. If you produce a lot of sebum, it can mix with dead skin cells and dirt and lead to clogged pores. Clogged pores look more prominent compared to 'empty' pores. Oily skinned people are more prone to clogged pores, whereas dry skin types usually have smaller pores.
  • Loss of firmness. If your skin is firm and bouncy, pores will look less prominent. Skin aging cause loss of skin elasticity, and sagging skin will make the pores look larger.

Think of a sponge. The yellow one with all the little holes. If you pull at the fabric of a sponge, the holes in the surface will grow larger. When the sponge material is engorged with water, the holes in the sponge aren't as visible because the firmness of the sponge 'pulls' them together. 

Just in case you didn't remember: an image of a sponge.


Clogged pores and blackheads

If your skincare is geared towards keeping your pores clean, you will see that over time your pores will become less prominent. You'll also have less blackheads. Blackheads appear when the sebum in your clogged pore comes into contact with the air, oxidizes and turns dark. Those are the small black spots on your face. 

Skincare for pores

The battle against enlarged pores and blackheads isn't hopeless at all! It's good to know what ingredients to look out for when it comes down to skincare. Look for formulas geared at firming the skin and cleaning out the gunk that hides in your pores, clogging them and making them look large. Luckily, Korean skincare is rich in products that contain ingredients that will help you keep your pores in check.

  •  Niacinamide

We love niacinamide! Niacinamide is known for normalizing the circumference of the pore, causing less gunk to build up inside. This prevents the pore from stretching, gives them back their normal size and gives skin a smooth texture. Niacinamide is tolerated by most skin types, including sensitive skin or skin that is affected by rosacea.

  •  Retinol

Retinol is derived from vitamin A. It stimulates the production of collagen and has sebum regulating properties too. This why it helps with getting smooth, even-toned skin and why it helps to decrease blackheads and prominent pores. Because retinol is quite a strong ingredient, it's usually applied in the form of a serum or a treatment. When starting retinol, be mindful of not overly sensitizing your skin. Take it slow and always pair retinol with daily use of a good, broad-spectrum sunscreen. 

  •  BHA

BHA or salicylic acid is a chemical exfoliant that has the unique ability to reach into the pore. It dissolves the gunk, sebum and dirt that build up inside, causing blackheads and congested pores. Using a toner or peeling with BHA keeps your pores clear and keeps them looking as subtle as possible. 

  •  Peptides

Technically, peptides are fragmented proteins. Your skin needs them to stay firm and bouncy. They help revitalize the building blocks of your skin, leading to firm, resilient skin. If your skin is more firm, pores will be less noticeable. There are moisturizers with peptides, but you can find serums and treatments with peptides too. 

  • Sunscreen

UV rays and the corresponding damage to skin cells are responsible for most of the premature skin aging. Skin aging is one of the contributing factors to skin sagging, and pores are more prominent in sagging skin. The elastic fibers on the skin aren't as effective in 'holding' the pores 'together'. Sunscreen is key when it comes down to protecting your skin from UV damage. It's no wonder that UV-protection is a big deal in the world of Korean skincare.

I hope this blog cleared some things up for you. If you have some questions about a product or skin issue, don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer care team!

XXX, Little Wonderland

6 May 2021
I usually stick to BHA and sunscreen for my pores. there will always be blackheads and it's better to keep them less visible, instead of removing them completely (and constantly). If you're worried about ageing from UV rays, check PA instead of SPF :) if you cannot find PA, look up whether it's a broad spectrum sunscreen! ;)
Everybody has pores and they are the living proof of our selves. If it bothers you too much, look up some primers that makes your skin silky soft. BTW, there are sunscreens that does as well! Sun sticks that has very silky finish means it will blur your pores. But definitely check whether dimethicone or other silicons are rather high up on the ingredient list :)

- a passing by Korean
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