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Not worthy of selfcare?

17 May 2021
by Lonneke

At Little Wonderland, we see skincare as selfcare and we try to stimulate taking care of your self, we also understand that this isn't a easy or natural task for everyone. When you suffer from a depression, burn-out or eating disorder for example, taking care of yourself and your skin might be hard work. Maybe this is something you recognize yourself. That your mental state prevents you from taking that bit of extra effort. If so, this blog is for you. To hopefully give you some guidance and recognizing, to let you know, you are not alone in this. 

At a young age, I developed an eating disorder to only get diagnosed with a depression and burn-out later on. It has been a difficult journey to navigate my way through all of these. Looking back, my eating disorder was my way to punish myself for things that happened to me in the past. It almost felt like a safer option too. Something I could always count on, that always had my back and would never abandon me. Even though it started as a way to take proper care of myself, it wasn't a healthy way of selfcare. I couldn't bring myself to wash my hair or even brush my teeth on a regular base. I felt unworthy to take care of. 

The feeling of being unworthy to take care for, grew into a belief. A belief that kept growing deeper. A lot of values are taught at a young age, and I learned to talk myself down. To make myself grew smaller, by lacking a safe and stable home. I felt so restant to invest in myself, that I started to prioritize others above myself. It felt self centered, selfish. 

It took me quite some time, and a lot of therapy, to learn, really learn, that I belong on this planet just as much as others do. That I matter. This has been an extremely difficult journey and looking back this has been the toughest fight I ever had to go through. 

Taking care of yourself can feel like such a huge and abstract goal, but it is something you can absolutely make progress in. Taking care of your skin can be part of this process. It can be something you can grow in, something that can change, just as your needs. 

I hope that this will be the motivation that you needed. I know how impossible this all might sounds, but I am here to let you know this can change. Your beliefs can change. It won't be easy, but it is doable, I know so. You are worth to take off, no matter how stubborn your thoughts may be. Keep it simple, keep it achievable. You don't have to complete a 10-step routine everyday to matter. Whatever works for you is fine. This journey can be a 'work of progress' and that too is fine. That you will learn along the way that you are worthy to invest in, despite the way it might feel. That you are way stronger then your beliefs and that you can look at those beliefs in a new and different light. 

We all have different lives, different skin and different backgrounds and that is exactly why skincare is customization. You don't have to be skinnier, thicker, funnier or smarter to function. You are fine the way you are. 

At Little Wonderland we want to offer you the tools to help you navigate through this. A way that fits you and your needs at this very moment. Please don't be afraid to ask us for help. You can reach out through or website but also via our Facebook account. 

Did you like to read about mental health? If so, let us know in the comments!

Take care,


Are you struggling with suicidal thoughts, depression or do you think you might be suffering from an eating disorder? Here are some (Dutch) resources you can contact: 113 (suicide prevention) and Proud2Bme (online, Dutch spoken platform for everything regarding eating-disorders). 

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