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New Generation of Cotton Pads

10 Oct 2017
by S. Safa

Today’s post will be all about cotton pads!
Before you go ‘’why would you bore me with such a trivial topic as cotton pads’’, just let me finish. Cotton pads aren't as trivial as you may think. There is more to cotton pads than meets the eye. The truth is that some cotton pads are simply superior to others. Today I will explain why certain cotton pads perform better and discuss some of my favorites.

There are 3 essential aspects that separate high quality cotton pads from their lower quality counterparts. When looking for cotton pads, pay extra attention to the following:

  • Materials
    Cotton pads are used on your bare skin. Harsh, abrasive cotton pads can irritate your skin. Make sure you choose a cotton pad that is smooth and made of safe (organic) materials with no additives or harmful dyes.
  • Strength and durability
    Look for cotton pads that are durable and don’t break down as you wipe across your face. Low quality cotton pads leave lints and stray fibers on your skin. These types of cotton pads do not get rid of make-up and oils as effectively and can cause irritation.
  • Product waste
    Look for cotton pads that can ‘spit out’ product. High quality cotton pads are able to release most of the product you put onto them back to the skin. Lower quality cotton pads absorb most of the product, resulting in a lot of waste.

Below I’ve listed my favorite cotton pads. All three are of excellent quality and each is designed for a specific purpose:


Three of my favorite cotton pads: Klairs toner mate 2 in 1, Silcot Sponge Touch, and the Silcot Velvet Touch

Silcot Velvet Touch Cotton

 voorkant unicharm silcot velvety touch cotton front          

 The Silcot Velvet Touch pad compared to a conventional cotton pad from the drug store.

A conventional cotton pad (left) compared to the Silcot Velvet Touch Cotton pad (right)


The Silcot Velvet Touch Cotton pads are made for those who find conventional cotton pads to be too abrasive. The cotton puffs are fully enclosed in a silky veil, which glides super softly on the skin. The veil prevents the pads from losing their shape and becoming fuzzy as you wipe across the face. This ensures a constant soft feeling on the skin, with no stray fibers. These are perfect for sensitive skin.
Since the fibers don't break apart as easily, these are also excellent for removing nailpolish and for men with stubble.

Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton


The Silcot Sponge Touch pads compared to a conventional cotton pad from the drugstore.

The Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton pad (left) compared to a conventional cotton pad (right).


The Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton pads are truly life changing. These pads are designed like a sponge, to minimize product wastage while maximizing moisturizing performance. They are best used with products you want to be absorbed by your skin, like lotions or essences.

Conventional cotton pads absorb approximately 90% of the product you place onto them. 
Unlike conventional cotton pads, the Silcot Sponge Touch Cotton pads are made of Uruuru cotton. The inner layers of the puffs are made of special sponge material that retains lotion instead of absorbing it. By dabbing the sponge pads onto your skin, the cotton pad gives out (spits out) twice as much lotion than regular cotton pads. This ensures minimal product wastage, so you can enjoy your (expensive) lotions and essences for a lot longer.   



Separate one cotton pad (top) into two sheets (bottom) and use as a sheet mask

Another great thing about these cotton pads is that you can use them as sheet masks. Separate one pad into two sheets, pour your favorite essence onto the sheets, and place them onto your skin for however long you want.  
Not for nothing, these cotton pads have been ranked #1 year after year in the cotton category at cosme.com, Japan’s largest beauty and cosmetics site.

When using these cotton pads, make sure that you use half the amount of lotion you typically use. By force of habit you might be inclined to pour too much lotion onto the pads, which is absolutely unnecessary.



Klairs toner mate 2 in 1




The Klairs toner mate 2 in 1 cotton pad comes with two types of cotton pads: compressed cotton pads (top) and sponge cotton pads (bottom)




Klairs cotton pads compared to conventional cotton pads from the drugstore. Left: sponge pads. Middle: compressed pads.


The Klairs toner mate 2 in 1 cotton pads (left and middle) compared to a conventional cotton pad (right).

The compressed cottonpads are made of 100% pure cotton. By compressing them 5 times, Klairs has made these pads extremely strong and firm. The compressed pads are best used in the first step (cleansing step) of your skincare routine. They thoroughly cleanse and gently exfoliate, so that the following products you use absorb better into the skin.

The sponge cotton pads are made of airlaid (natural) pulp fabric. Just like the Silcot Sponge Cotton pads, these are designed to act like a sponge. They retain lotions and return them back to the skin. Soft and flexible sponges that increase hydration with minimal wastage. These are best combined with the Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner.

So clearly some cotton pads perform better and are better value for money.
The next time you come across cotton pads, think twice about which ones you want to buy!

Have you tried any of these cotton pads? Share your thoughts and let us know which cotton pads are your favorite.




Soha Safa
15 Oct 2017
Ja ze zijn echt top he! De Velvet Touch is echt een aanrader!
10 Oct 2017
Ik heb de Klairs toner mate 2 in 1, echt zo fijn!! Binnenkort Silcot Velvet Touch Cotton proberen ^_^
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