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How To Keep Your Beauty & Skin Care Regimen Sanitary?

15 Aug 2020
by S. Hachimi

Many of us are more focused on cleaning everything, because we don’t want germs and viruses crawling all over the place. Nobody wants to get sick and tries to keep themselves same by being more sanitary. The same thing goes for Skin Care, if you have not really though about how to keep your skin care sanitary and hygienic, you could keep rubbing your face with germs from skincare products that already gone bad. It’s never too much to keep your skincare clean, hygienic and sanitary. After all it’s the basis of skincare. Here are some easy tips you can follow to keep your skin care routine sanitary.

1. Wash your hands

This one is pretty obvious, and should always be done before touching your face. A rinse is not enough, it is crucial to wash all surfaces for at least 20 seconds, from your palm to your fingers and the back of your hands. If you are in a rush, hand sanitizer also works but since it can only get rid of 60% of the germs, try to wash your hands. It is suggested to use a gentle cleanser while washing your hands, because some people complain that their skin feels dry and stretchy after having washed it thoroughly. It’s best to try to wash you hands with a moisturizing soap. It is time to pay close attention to the soap you use, especially now when you know washing your hands is an inevitable part of your daily skincare regimen. And after you’re done, try to apply a rich moisturizer for example the Klairs Supple Preparation All-Over Lotion

2. Don’t pick at your skin

Most of you should know by now that you must always refrain for using your fingers of hands if you want to keep your skincare clean. It’s pretty obvious that you stay away from touching your face with your hands and never pick skin with your fingers. Use a gentle exfoliant, like the Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water by Wishtrend when you spot those dry flakes or put on a pimple patch to cover any blemishes so you won’t touch them.

3. Routinely clean your beauty tools 

Make sure you cleaning your makeup brushes or other tools at least once a week. When it’s cold outside and during flu season, you should clean them even more. You can use a dish soap or facial cleanser to cleanse away any makeup, dirt and grime on your makeup brushes and sponges. Other makeup tools like a face roller or facial cups, you can sanitize them by spritzing them with a bit of rubbing alcohol or use a soft towel and warm water to clean after each use. 

4. Try to avoid dipping your fingers in the product

Even if your hands are clean, avoid dipping your fingers into the product. Use a sanitary beauty spatula or a spoon from your kitchen to keep germs and bacteria from living on the surface of your favorite day and night creams. 

5. Store your skin care products properly

If you store your products improperly, it can lose their potency, or become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. The main rule is to keep everything in a cool, dry, and darkish place away from sunlight exposure. It’s better to store them in your bedroom drawers instead of the humid bathroom. 

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