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Papa Recipe

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Papa Recipe

Ever since Papa Recipe was launched in 2012, the brand has never ceased re-inventing itself in the quest of finding the perfect recipe to achieve your skin’s ultimate beauty. Papa Recipe believes that the secret to good products lies within the field, not just in an office or a laboratory. 

Papa Recipe Bombee Honey

It all started with a daughter who suffered from skin issues, and a Korean father who created the Organic Jojoba Oil especially for her. Ever since, Papa Recipe has grown considerably, and gained prominence with their populair Bombee Honey line, a product line with sheet masks that nourish and hydrate the skin with the purest manuka honey, propolis and royal jelly-extracts. The Bombee Honey line has several varieties, like the Bombee Honey Butter Cream Mask and the Bombee Ginseng Red Honey Oil Mask Pack

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All products by Papa Recipe are cruelty free and fully safe to use by children and pregnant children. Are you curious about the populair Bombee Honey line by Papa Recipe? Order before 20:00 on weekdays, and your package will be on your way the same day. if you spend over 40 euros, you’ll receive a free sheet mask. We always give you the cutest samples!