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Meideme is one of the first skincare brands of its kind in South Korea, it’s the only Farm Cosmetics Brand. This means that their main raw ingredients from the formulas are grown and harvested on their own Meideme farm. They create a straight from farm to face type of skincare with unique ingredients like the Meideme gold hibiscus and green salvia plant. 

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Clean beauty Korean skincare

The brand prides itself in being a clean beauty Korean brand and leaving out 16 harmful ingredients out of their formulas. They only make natural skincare products that include self-grown ingredients and that are proven beneficial for the skin. Growing their ingredients allows them to make healthier, more effective products since they have total insight into the creation process right from when the ingredient is plucked from the ground.

Meideme is also a cruelty free and vegan skincare brand. Animal testing and animal derived ingredients are all excluded from the production process. Meideme is still able to deliver quality products by doing in-depth research into raw materials and creating potent formulas. The formulas always include high-quality and high percentages of the herbal products.

Get Meideme at Little Wonderland

Being the first of its kind in the South Korean beauty industry, and being able to create such effective and lovely products, the Little Wonderland team just had to have the brand in our assortment. We are a huge fan of clean, cruelty-free, and vegan beauty products such as those from Meideme, Mary & May, Beauty of Joseon, and Round Lab.