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The Huxley Brand is one of the few that impresses women around the world effortlessly, not with what’s outside but with what’s within. Their essence and cream products seem to have magical effects on the complexion. Huxley is the creator of premium skincare that hydrates, enriches, and vivifies the skin!

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Huxley skincare Europe

Huxley was founded by Byung Hoon Lee who started his career at Samsung. The brand is named after the famous Aldous Leonard Huxley, author of the book "Brave New World". Lee mainly took his inspiration from the quote: “Life is short and information is endless. The truth will drown in a sea of irrelevance in the future. " That is why it is Lee's vision to make it easier to choose simple beauty products that are relevant to your skin.

Determined to pursue effective skincare solutions corresponding to modern people's skin woes severely affected by a hectic, stressful city life, Huxley's adventure to the barren Sahara Desert began in search of unique and effective ingredients. On this journey, they found the most effective skin care ingredient in this vast and endless desert in Northern Africa. The prickly pear seed oil (opuntia cactus oil); is the beauty secret of the Moroccan royal family in the face of a harsh and inhospitable desert. A yellow type of water that makes their skin glow every day.

The nourishing Opuntia Oil
Simplicity is the foundation of Huxley's products. All products are based on the oil from the Opuntia cactus. It contains 400 times more vitamin E than olive oil, the vitamin that prevents skin aging. It maintains 95% of its moisture even in an extreme environment. It ensures a far lighter, fast-absorbing texture and greater moisturizing effect than argan oil. Would you like to experience what Opuntia oil can do for you? Then try the Essence Deluxe Complete set. This set is perfect for people who are still trying out essences. 

Huxley Skincare

Huxley Face Cream
Huxley also has a broad range of face creams. The Huxley Anti Gravity Cream is the most popular one. It is a luxurious, rich, hydrating, anti-aging cream suitable for both dry and combination skin. The cream nourishes the skin while locking in hydration to lift and firm the skin’s appearance with the power of cacti. 

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