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Bouquet Garni

Step into the world of botanical beauty with Bouquet Garni. Inspired by the lush landscapes of Korea, this skin- and bodycare brand harnesses the power of nature to deliver products that are both effective and smell amazing. Each product is carefully crafted to provide a sensory experience while nourishing from within.

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Bouquet Garni

Bouquet Garni's products are infused with hand-picked flowers and botanical extracts. Whether you prefer the delicate scent of roses or the sweet aroma of vanilla, Bouquet Garni has a scent to suit your preferences. Their products are designed to not just take care of the skin, but also of the body and the mind. By incorporating the amazing smelling products into your routine it will feel like a luxurious spa experience every time you step into the shower.

Bouquet Garni Deep Perfume

Revitalize your hair with the Bouquet Garni Deep Perfume Treatment and the Bouquet Garni Deep Perfume Shampoo. Enriched with a blend of potent botanical extracts, and caring oils this duo is able to penetrate deep into the hair shaft to deliver nourishment and soft locks. The unique technology the brand uses to effectively incorporate the scent will have it lingering on your hair for several days after you wash it.