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Little Wonderland is one of the biggest Europe based online retailer of Korean cosmetics. Since the beginning, it is our goal to spread the wonder of Korean cosmetics and make it easily available to Europe customers. The fact that we have grown considerably within just 3 years shows that we are walking on the right path. In our experience, K-Beauty is still in its baby shoes and has not reached its peak on the world market stage yet. It is a very good time to start your own Korean Beauty Store.

Over the past few years, we have established tight relationships with several well known K-Beauty producers, which gives us the opportunity to offer a variety of brands to you. Also due to the large amount of volume we purchase from the producers, our rate are very interesting as well.

Are you interested to become a part of this rapidly growing market?

Head over to our B2B platform and register your account. This is business only site, VAT/Chamber of Commerce number is required.

After we confirmed your information, you will be able to login and make your order.

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Still have question? Don't hesitate to contact us on [email protected]


ps. We understand that most startups would like to minimize risks. Beside the very interesting rates we already offer, we also accept orders of smaller quantities as well as provide guidance if needed.